Companies looking for highly secure cloud environments to deploy their applications can take advantage of our comprehensive cloud computing solutions. We recommend, implement and deploy the appropriate cloud strategy and architecture to help you achieve your business goals.


Deploying an application on the cloud calls for various high-availability configurations. For the application to successfully install and run, it is important to ensure that the cloud environment, where the application is being deployed, offers the necessary level of scalability and bandwidth.

We ensure complete security when building a cloud environment for your multi-tier applications.

At InventIT our services are designed to allow you to reliably deploy multi-tier applications in a way that saves costs and makes it easier to react to changes in the long run. Our Cloud deployment services include:

  • Integration of the existing on-premise or hosted solutions with cloud
  • Complete life cycle planning, testing, implementation and support
  • Design and provisioning of the cloud environment
  • Testing, monitoring, incident tracking, resolution and other such maintenance services

We design and configure highly secure cloud environments to offer effective cloud deployment services for your enterprise applications.


Since most applications today are composed of several layers of different technologies which need to work harmoniously to provide specific business functionality, there is a considerable expense involved in managing and maintaining such a system. Companies are increasingly spending more time fixing their complex systems instead of improving them.

We provide end-to-end management and maintenance services to support your cloud deployment.

InventIT understands these challenges and offers effective application management and support services in the form of technical support, upkeep, troubleshooting, functionality changes and bug fixes. Trained in the client’s applications, our support personnel tailor their service delivery to factor in the client’s ongoing dynamic maintenance plans.

Aside from technical issue resolution, we provide effective backup and restoration, routine software patches, installation of regular feature packs and other services such as:

  • Database administration
  • Application monitoring
  • Production support
  • Issue analysis
  • Ad hoc requests
  • Periodic system review
  • Performance monitoring
  • Help desk
  • System administration tools
  • Operational requests