Informatica Services

InventIT's Information Management Services is a global cross-industry organization focused on bringing clients solutions to better manage their business, interact with customers and make strategic, financial and operational decisions.

We Help clients boost business results with data integration.

By combining InventIT's deep consulting skills with Informatica’s leading technologies, we deliver the high-quality, low-risk information management solutions needed to boost business results.

Our consultants specialize in business intelligence, portals & content management and data management & architecture services.

Our jointly developed solutions based on Informatica technologies include:

  • ETL (Extract, Transfer and Load) Accelerator :
  • The ETL architecture and supporting documentation will give BI and other projects a jump start in analyzing, designing and building ETL interfaces. Informatica provides specific insight for common ETL programming patterns such as common error handling mappings and application configuration guidance. The designs accompanying the code samples should be considered vendor-independent and can be leveraged in ETL projects, whether hand-coded or built from other vendor tool suites.

  • End-to-End Data Migration :
  • Most projects design and build conversion architectures using customized code, which increases the costs for InventIT and its clients because the development process is slow and requires a high number of skilled resources. InventIT SolutionWorks provides end-to-end conversion services by utilizing Informatica’s ETL software to perform conversion development instead of building customized code. This conversion service offering saves at least 30 percent in conversion costs and reduces conversion development time by several months.

  • SAP JumpStart:
  • This solution is a fully-functional, preconfigured Customer Information System (CIS) solution built on the SAP Customer Care & Service (CCS) platform. It provides an out-of-the-box working CIS solution that includes a reusable data migration architecture built on Informatica. Jumpstart’s efficient conversion architecture significantly reduces the data migration time and effort in moving data from legacy customer systems into CCS.

  • Data Quality as a Service:
  • InventIT has consolidated and industrialized its expertise and offerings, and is employing Informatica’s technology to deliver Data Quality as a Service in the Data Management Service Center. The service center provides InventIT ERP project capabilities and diagnostics offerings in the Master Data planning, analysis, harmonization, conversion and maintenance phases

  • InventIT Integration Accelerator:
  • A unique suite of tools designed to accelerate the design and delivery of integration-based business capabilities, the Integration Accelerator helps overcome the challenge of effective integration. Key elements of the Integration Accelerator include technical architecture, data integration components, process integration elements and global delivery capabilities.

In short, InventIT and Informatica provide the global reach, proven experience and innovative solutions to help clients in nearly every industry maximize the value of enterprise data. It is a winning combination—leading technologies and leading delivery capabilities united to boost business performance.