Our enterprise mobility solutions can help you gain a competitive advantage by optimizing resources and better engaging with stakeholders. We formulate strong mobile strategies to help your organization make informed business decisions.

Native Apps

Given the growing demand for data mobility and real-time analytics, native apps are increasingly gaining popularity in the world of enterprise mobility, due to their nature as platform specific apps– they are developed using default OS API such as Android, iOS, and Windows and the data associated with the app may be stored on the device or made remotely accessible through the app.

Though there are thousands of apps available on the AppStore and Play Store which can be effectively leveraged by businesses, native apps require a certain level of skill to develop. They are developed using an integrated development environment (IDE) which requires a high level of expertise and a rigorous methodology.

If you are looking for great graphics and easy user interface, try our native app development services.

InventIT has a highly skilled and certified mobile development team that provides the best possible app development solutions. We build native apps using Agile development methodology, cutting-edge development tools and language supported by all major platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. These apps are designed to provide the best possible user experience in terms of functionality and visual appeal.

We create a feasible roadmap for the entire life cycle of the app, providing necessary integration, maintenance and support as and when required.

Hybrid Apps

The versatility of Hybrid apps lie in the fact that they can be used as a common software development kit(SDK) for multiple OS. These apps are designed using HTML5 and JavaScript in a native environment – developers use native coding for the features while HTML5 is used for the designing the visual component. In other words, the app combines elements of both native and web applications.

InventIT app development team uses the Phone GAP API to build Hybrid apps where the base of the development is HTML 5.0 and JQuery which are essential for Windows and HTML 5.0 Apps. We also offer integration of Salesforce API.

We offer cost-effective development options for building hybrid apps.


HTML5 web applications offer versatility, cost effectiveness and quick updates with simultaneous emphasis on user functionality. In recent years, they have completely transformed the browser into an application platform and because of this, HTML5 web applications are often preferred by clients looking for a powerful enterprise mobility strategy.

InventIT has extensive experience in implementing HTML5 mobile web development; we build HTML5 mobile web apps using the standard technologies – HTML5.0 markup language with JavaScript, CSS. The resulting cross-platform apps work on multiple devices, can be opened with any current browser and are searchable.

Mobile Platforms

Our certified software development team has experience developing mobile applications for clients on all major platforms such as:


InventIT's strong iOS native app development team has developed apps for different domains such as:

  • ERP
  • Entertainment
  • Lead Generation
  • Field Force
  • Third party API integrations include Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce iOS API, PayPal, and Google Maps


Invent IT’s Android native app development team has developed apps for:

  • ERP
  • Entertainment
  • GPS


InventIT boasts a Windows 8 development team with extensive experience in integrating Third party API’s with Windows 8 apps such as:

  • Salesforce
  • AWS

Mobile App Development

A well-developed mobile app ensures data mobility and real-time analytics which can boost sales and generate revenue for an enterprise. Hence, it is hardly surprising that an entire range of services associated with mobile development has become the centre of focus for programmers and developers.

To keep pace with the constant changes in mobile app development, InventIT relies on a robust development team that is constantly upgrading its skills, tools and technologies in native, hybrid and HTML5 web app development. Apart from strategy, development, integration, maintenance and support, our other services include:

  • Integration with back-end systems
  • Mobile versions of legacy apps